Oral History NSW
Giving Voice to the Past
Giving Voice to the Past

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Oral History NSW commenced in 1979 as a non-profit association supporting the promotion and improvement of oral history.

We aim to:

  • provide a community of practice and a forum for sharing information about the techniques and application of oral history,
  • promote standards of quality among practitioners,
  • encourage preservation, and use of oral history interviews.

Oral History NSW members include public and academic historians, students, family historians, local historical societies’ members, heritage consultants, librarians, archivists, teachers, documentary makers, sound engineers, museum curators, volunteers, and institutions with archival or oral history programmes.

If you are interested in oral history and live in NSW or the ACT become a member.

‘[Memory] tells us not just what people did, but what they wanted to do, what they believe they wanted to do, what they believed they were doing and what they now think they did.’ (Alessandro Portelli ‘The peculiarities of oral history', History Workshop 12, 1981 pp.99-100)


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