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Giving Voice to the Past

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Archives for Oral History NSW Newsletter VOICEPRINT 

August 1994 Inaugural Issue to April 2011 when Voiceprint became a digital online newsletter.
These are all pdf files with OCR capability (Optical Character Recognition) which allows searching of the text.

Voiceprint No.1 August 1994 Inaugural Issue

Voiceprint No.2 November 1994

Voiceprint No.3 February 1995

Voiceprint No. 4/5 May/August 1995

Voiceprint No.6 November 1995

Voiceprint No.7 February 1996

Voiceprint No.8 February 1996

Voiceprint No.9 August 1996

Voiceprint No.10 November 1996

Voiceprint No.11 February 1997

Voiceprint No.12 May 1997

Voiceprint No.13 August 1997

Voiceprint No.14 November 1997

Voiceprint No.15 March 1998

Voiceprint No.16 July 1998

Voiceprint No.17 November 1998

Voiceprint No.18 March 1999

Voiceprint No.19 July 1999

Voiceprint No.20 April 1999

Voiceprint No.21 October 1999

Voiceprint No.22 April 2000

Voiceprint No.23 October 2000

Voiceprint No.24 April 2001

Voiceprint No.25 October 2001

Voiceprint No.26 April 2002

Voiceprint No.27 October 2002

Voiceprint No.28 April 2003

Voiceprint No.29 October 2003

Voiceprint No.30 April 2004

Voiceprint No.31 October 2004

Voiceprint No.32 April 2005

Voiceprint No.33 October 2005

Voiceprint No.34 April 2006

Voiceprint No.35 October 2006

Voiceprint No.36 April 2007

Voiceprint No.37 October 2007

Voiceprint No.38 April 2008

Voiceprint No.39 October 2008

Voiceprint No.40 April 2009

Voiceprint No.41 October 2009

Voiceprint No.42 April 2010

Voiceprint No.43 October 2010

Voiceprint No.44 April 2011