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Giving Voice to the Past
Giving Voice to the Past

Useful templates for Oral History documentation

The Oral History Handbook by Beth Robertson Fifth edition Third impression 2010 published by the Oral History Association of Australia SA offers a wealth of practical advice and is recommended as a basic handbook for all oral historians. With technological advances in the digital environment offering many new opportunities and challenges for oral historians, Oral History NSW aims to provide both training and other resources to inform and encourage best practice standards.   Compiling appropriate documentation regarding each oral history interview is essential. 

Interview Summary Checklist
This checklist will help you document essential information required for placement of your interviews in any library or other public archive.  As photographs and images are frequently integral to oral history interviews, this checklist offers prompts for the documentation of technical data relating to both sound and image files.   By presenting this comprehensive documentation you will be assisting in preserving your sound recording in long term storage/archives and helping future researchers to access the interview for a variety of purposes.

Download an annotated Interview Summary Checklist here 

Download for your own use this Oral History Interview Checklist template

Interviewee Information Sheet
Adjust the questions in this Information Sheet to your particular requirements and provide the interviewee with a hard copy to be completed prior to the actual oral history interview. 

Download an example of an Interviewee Information Sheet