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Giving Voice to the Past
Giving Voice to the Past

How to access back issues of the Oral History Australia Journal for research and/or purchase  

INFORMIT the publishing arm of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) at this address: http://search.informit.com.au/browseJournalTitle;res=IELHSS;issn=0158-7366   

National Library of Australia offers FREE access in ten easy steps ..

  • Firstly apply for a free Library card.

  • Once in receipt of your login details

  • Open the National Library home page

  • Click on e-Resources

  • Login

  • In the Find A Resource search box type 'Informit' and click the Go Button

  • Scroll down and click on Informit e-Library: humanities & social sciences

  • Click on Visit Site.

  • If you know the article you want to read (after looking at the National Library Index), type the title in the Search box and the article title will appear. You can view the article by clicking on the PDF. You can also look at the contents of the issue in which the article appeared by clicking on Browse Issue.

  • If you want to look at all the Journals paste:  browseJournalTitle;res=IELHSS;issn=0158-7366 after http://search.informit.com.au.rp.nla.gov.au/ on the URL, press your Enter key.

Hard copies of some back issues of the Oral History Australia Journal are still available

All copies $20 each including postage
Post cheque or money order to Jill Cassidy,
Oral History Australia, C/- Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, PO Box 403, Launceston Tas.  7250

            No.32 2010  Islands of Memory Revisted 
            No.33 2011  Communities of Memory 
            No.34 2012  Communities of Memory (2)
            No.35 2013  'She said, He said': reading, writing and recording history 
            No.36 2014  'She said: He said: Reading, writing and recording History (2)

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