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Practical Tips for Digital Recording using the  Edirol R09HR and Zoom H4N Recorders
Trish Levido, Dec 2012

Refer to the Edirol Handbook and the Zoom H4N Handbook for more details.

Trish Levido has developed Trish's Practical Tips (pdf) in response to these frequently asked questions raised in the oral history workshops she has conducted for Oral History NSW.

  • What SD card size is best to use with Edirol R09HR and the Zoom H4N?
  • Why does the Edirol display light go out after a few seconds of recording?
  • What does the 'plug in' power switch on the back of the Edirol do?
  • When using an external microphone eg. RODE 3, I have to set the Edirol to Mono in 'Ext MIC setup'. Why?
  • What does the LIMITER/AGC switch do?
  • What does the LOW CUT switch on the back of the Edirol recorder do?
  • How do I avoid deleting a recording accidentally?
  • How can I tell what type my microphone is?
  • Why would you use XLR microphone cables?
  • Why is it recommended to record at 48kHz/24 bit?

Trish's Practical Tips
By Trish Levido

Major contributors:
Dianne Taylor, Oral History NSW, Newcastle Regional 
Max Benyon, Electrical Engineer, Community Radio
Norm Champion, prev. Electronics Section, TAFE
Andrew Host, Oral History NSW workshop presenter, 30 years experience in sound (particularly analogue to digital)


Should every Oral History interview be transcribed? 

Francis Good, recipient of the Hazel de Berg Award for Excellence in Oral History 2013, comments: probably the most up-to-date and authoritative discussion of all issues around the practice of transcription and its alternatives at present is this article by Linda Shopespart of the comprehensive website Oral history in the digital age.

For a pdf copy of 'Voice, ear and text: words, meaning and transcription'* F. Good, please email Francis Good  
*R. Perks and A. Thomson (eds), The Oral History Reader, 2nd Ed., 2006.
*see also Oral History Association of Australia Journal, 22.