Oral History NSW
Giving Voice to the Past
Giving Voice to the Past

   Oral History NSW Inc.

   ABN 73 605 987 834  /  Not registered for GST
   Individuals and institutions resident in the ACT are
   welcomed as members of Oral History NSW.

   PO Box 261 
   Pennant Hills, NSW 1715
   Website:   www.oralhistorynsw.org.au
   Ph: 02 8094 1239
   Oral History NSW Inc. is a constituent member of
   Oral History Australia Inc.

    Committee 2016/17

   Anisa Puri - President

   Andrew Host - Treasurer/Membership Secretary

   Scott McKinnon - Vice President
   Bruce Carter - Public Officer
   Cheryl Ware - Secretary
   Sally Zwartz - Website 

   Catherine Freyne
   Paula Hamilton
    Francis Good - Editor Oral History Network News   

   Contributions: networknews@oralhistorynsw.org.au 

       Oral History Australia Inc.

Oral History Australia Inc. is comprised of the six state Oral History Associations. Each is represented by a delegate to form the Management Committee of the national association.

Website: www.oralhistoryaustralia.org.au

Management Committee 2015/16

Dr Sue Anderson - President  
Jill Cassidy - Vice President 

David Sweet - Secretary 
Oral History Australia Inc. 
C/- 39 Cadell Street, Windsor Gardens SA 5087
Ph: 0429 452 014

Jill Adams - Treasurer acting

Doug Ayre
Margaret Ridley
Dr. Alistair Thomson
Catherine Freyne
Dr Ariella van Luyn
Matthew Stephens
Dr Elaine Rabbitt

State Oral History Associations