Oral History NSW
Giving Voice to the Past
Giving Voice to the Past

A Guide to Determining Fees for Oral History

 Revised May 2016


The cost of oral history interviews/ projects depends on

Before the interview


Conducting the interview


Interviewer's overheads


After the interview


The items required from the list above should be agreed by the commissioning body and the interviewer and included in the brief or specifications for the project see the OHA Guide to Commissioning Oral History.

Additional services such as: reports, time lines, publication based on the interview(s) or stories, excerpts for a website, or compilations, should be subject to a separate quotation.

Oral History NSW does not recommend a set scale of fees. This is best negotiated between the commissioning body and the interviewer. Interviewers hourly rate vary. Professional Historians Australia have a recommended scale of fees, all members are accredited. Oral History Australia membership is open to all and reflects a range of expertise and consequently members' fees may vary considerably.

Oral History NSW recommends that there is a contract or letter of agreement between the interviewer and the commissioning body. This document should include fees, schedule of payment, nature of services to be provided, conditions of employment and a time frame for the completion of the project.